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Create character brooch from polymer clay

In this cource I will teach how to create polymer clay brooch with nice cute character.
I will tell about technic, form, and colour.

You will create your character, choose colour scheme, use some tips and tricks with clay.


Link to outline of my cource

This is my first time attempting teaching on Skillshare. For this course, I am planning on creating a project-based class focusing on polymer clay brooch with cute character that we create use knowledge from a graphic design — colour scheme, form, details.

Class Title: Create character brooch from polymer clay

Class Description [Feedback welcome!!]:

Creating a brooch made of polymer clay for beginners. Character Creation - the choice of form, detail, color scheme. The accumulation of knowledge from a graphic designer to create amazing character. Tips and tricks when working with polymer clay, creating advanced textures, post-processing.


Recommended sources for the materials will be included in the class project handout.

  • Polymer clay (minimum 2-3 colour)
  • Base for brooch or blank for badge
  • toothpick
  • professional paper cutter or stationery knife
  • parchment, or sheet of white office paper
  • foil
  • glass beads (optional)
  • glue (optional)
  • oven
  • paper and pen


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