Brenda Mullard

Artist and Art Educator



Create and Frame An Amazing Japanese Notan Design That No One Will Believe You Made!

Brenda Mullard will introduce you to the Japanese art and design known as Notan. She will teach you the elements of positive and negative shape and how they play off of each other to create stunning framable artwork. You will also learn effective techniques to think, plan, sketch, cut and assemble your own Notan design. 

Brenda believes that creating artwork is something everyone can learn and is based more on knowledge and practice than simply talent. 

She will also teach you about the history of Notan design as well as the elements and principles of art and design and other tips to improve your work process. You'll walk away from this course with a beautiful frame ready Notan design that your have created yourself. After this class you will see positive and negative shape in a completely different way. 

Let's get started!

Here's my class outline:

Here's my class introduction video:

I published my FIRST class!! I'm so excited. What an awesome experience. I really learned a lot!


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