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Create an account on an online discussion board

I was curious on the process of making an account on an internet forum or discussion board. This is what I found on a forum I frequently use.

Although not all forums are powered by the same software, the account creation steps are most likely similar.

1. Enter in the URL of the forum website you want to register at. In this case, I'll be using a forum called Bemanistyle

2. The DNS will translate the URL address into an IP address and send a search request across servers until it can find the appropriate website data.

3. Once the servers find the data, it is sent back to you and is displayed onto your browser. In this case, the data types being sent back are HTML/PHP, CSS, and JavaScript

4. Click on Register Now at the top of the page

5. Registration screen pops up

From here, the website is asking you to enter in the desired data in boxes or "fields". These boxes will be sent over to an SQL Database to fill out the necessary columns and rows to add an account for the forums. As this page is a PHP page, the page can change according how it was written.

In this case, Username and Referrer uses PHP to check along with the SQL database for matching data such as duplicate or invalid usernames or finding the referrer on the site.

6. As you try to send the inputted data, one of two things will happen. One being there's an error and the page will tell you what's wrong. No data has been transmitted to the server yet. The other being there are no errors and you are registered into the forum. The data you entered is sent over to the SQL database and fills up the tables, thus creating an account.

In some cases of other forums (including this one), there is an extra step which requires you to click on a link to confirm the account creation. In this case, either the data is set aside to where the data can be deleted after a certain period of time, or the data has a set of limited permissions or what the account can do on the site. However, once that link is clicked on, the permissions should change to being a normal account.

And that's it! Enjoy posting on forums!


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