Doug Vander Meulen

Web Developer, Designer, Printer



Create an Interactive Location Map using Google Maps

Class Description:

This class with help you create an interactive location map on a website using web technologies such as Google Maps, Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.  The interactive locaiton map will make it easy for users to search for locations in their area.  Features of the map will include; address and zip code search, Google Map integration, custom marker placement, distance between locations, and much more.

This is a great feature to add to websites needing to display multiple locations in a clear and concise way.  The class is meant for novice to intermediate web developers or tinkerers.

Project Title:

Interactive Location Map

Project Description:

In this class, you will create an interactive location map and post it online.  Your location map will have an address and zip code search, an interactive Google Map integration, custom makers for your locations and display location information just as location name address, website, phone and distance to location.  The class will show the steps of how to add this map to Wordpress, but can easliy be applied to any website or web platform.  

The final deliverable will be a screenshot of your finished location map page along with a url to your page.


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