Create an About Me Video in Windows Video Editor

Create an About Me Video in Windows Video Editor - student project

Learn to easily create an animated video introducing yourself to your followers, readers or potential clients using your Windows desktop computer.

No previous experience is needed, other than how to use your desktop PC.

I will teach you how to use Windows Video Editor to create a 20-second video introducing yourself and your book, course or small business. At the end of the class, you will know how to choose photos that tell your story, how to assemble those photos in a folder, how to generate the video, how to tweak it for maximum effect, and how to export and share your video with others.


Your About Me Video Project

Now it's time for you to practice what you've learned! Here are the quick and easy steps:

  1. Create a folder to hold your images.
  2. Drag images that tell your story into that folder. The images may be photos, scans of drawings, or graphics. Be sure to include your book cover, logo or other branding.
  3. Create the video project by selecting the image folder and choosing the images.
  4. Generate the video, naming it and changing the order of the images as desired.
  5. Adjust theme as desired. Add simple text to slides. Adjust duration of each image,  Remember the total length of the video will not exceed 20 seconds.
  6. Export video at whichever setting (usually medium) suits your needs. The program tells you where it saved the video. The format will be MP4, perfect for sharing on YouTube, your website, or social media.

Click the play button to view your video. It will move through your photos, letting those watching it understand your unique story and identity.

Please be sure to post your project for group feedback. Looking at others’ projects will inspire you on your own!


Donna K. Fitch
web designer, digital marketer