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Create a video lecture series that can be uploaded to teach people personal selling skills

We Are All Salespeople...At Some Time in Our Careers!

Many people, at some time throughout their career, end-up working in personal selling. That might look different, and have different names depending on what job you're actually doing, however, the basic element that distinguishes this type of job from any other is that people need to be persuaded, led, served, educated and helped to buy.

Also, often you just need to learn how to get out of the way.

Knowing the difference between actively persuading and just providing great service can be the difference between scaring your prospects off or winning the sales order.

This short video series will take you through where personal selling sits in the marketing mix, why it is so important for businesses to get the selling function working right, and how you can plan your interactions with prospects and customers so you can get the most out of them.

It's not about just getting sales! 

Instead, it is about how to use personal selling skills to develop great business relationships.

Whether you are an accountant, a lawyer, a realtor, a car salesperson - no matter what job you do - you can learn essential skills in relating to others so you can be more persuasive.

I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you do.


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