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Samadara Ginige

Designer & Typographer



Create a simple, fun and self-explanatory verb-icon


I love letters! But I love tweaking them into action filled icons, more. It all started when I got the idea to create STAND verb-icon few years ago. After publishing it in design networks, I received encouraging feedback and continued to create more of them as a project. A project to design as many verbicons as I can while having fun creating them. Practicing this had helped me to easily incorporate an idea into a letter/word. So I have created similar marks for my client's projects as well.

Without forcing myself to think of an idea, I sketch the ideas which run through my mind whenever they pop up. Sketching is the first step of my design process. I'll be sketching a few ideas till I feel it's perfect to be vectorized. Depending on the idea, I decide on which typeface to be used or I'll create the typeface (only the letters of the word) if needed.

In this class I'll walk you through how to create a meaningful, simple and fun verb-icon easily by discussing how to decide which letter to be tweaked and which features to be included or excluded. Hope you'll have fun while working on your project.


Here's another one which I designed recently.


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