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Lars F.

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Create a professional Resume (CV) in PowerPoint

Do you feel demotivated and stressed while creating your Resume?
This doesn't have to be that way and I want to help you!

In this course, I want to show those that feel uncreative how to create an awesome looking Resume in PowerPoint. So forget about downloading Resume templates and quick & dirty filling in your data. Instead you will be able to create a Resume by yourself and for yourself. Like a suit custom-made just for you.

After teaching you some best practice tips, we'll get hands-on and jump right into PowerPoint. Together we're going to create 2 example Resumes step-by-step: One for a Project Manager and one for a Web Developer.

So why should you take this Course?

I often asked myself “How do you want to stand out from the crowd by doing just what everyone else is doing"?

True, during a job hunt you're short on time, but hiring managers don't care about that. Besides, creating a convincing Resume in PowerPoint is way easier than you might imagine.

By taking this course, you get to create the Resume that helps you to land your next job while being creative and having fun in the process. Don't underestimate that designing and creating your Resume on your own gives it a personal touch. Because in the end, your Resume is all about YOU!

So if you want to learn step-by-step how to create a great looking Resume in PowerPoint of which you can be proud of then jump on board and join my course now!


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