Create a dance-theater performance called "A Fish Without a Bicycle."

Create a dance-theater performance called "A Fish Without a Bicycle." - student project

Describe your startup idea in one sentence

I'm creating an evening's dance/theater performance about a teenager who choreographs the Great American Dance from the Great American Novel, Moby Dick.

Talk to 3 potential users / customers

I did a solo prototype and performed it for about 35 dancers/choreographers then got feedback.

Three biggest Problems:

One young man said that no one except the people in the room would be interested in the subject matter.

Some wanted more/better dancing. I was sick as a dawg so low energy plus I'd worked on the writing a lot and the dance choreography and performance relatively little. And, sigh, it was a dance crowd after all.

Too many ideas in my description and too long so confusing. Doing the one sentence above was better than what I had given the audience.

Brainstorm 3-5 solutions that address your idea’s biggest problems

I did a one-sentence already to solve problem #3. I'd like feedback about that.

As for the problem no one would be interested, I wasn't so sure about that. Its a truism than girls will read books, see movies about boys but boys aren't intersted in movies/books about girls.

A number of people said they loved the writing and wanted to read more. They also said that it was good and fine that women of all ages would dance the roles of the teenagers...this came from the younger dancers in the audience which surprised me. I was wondering all along if that was an idea that was good or bad.

The hardest hole for me is getting better/more interesting choreography.

Create an Actionable Plan 

  1. Think through these questions to outline the least amount of work you can do to validate your startup idea.
    - What's your goal? What's your success metric? 
    - Which solution will you implement to hit your goal?
    - How will you reach your first 100 users / customers?

    Do a kickstarter campaign.

    I already wrote a one page Sandbox grant (its on my website at for time space money dancers to work on a specific choreographic problem. It's due Dec. first. It's called "Getting a Group on the Steering Wheel of Metaphor".

    I taped my dance for Berkeley Community TV station that will air Tuesday night at 9pm channel 25. Who knows who will see it? I can use the QuickTime video for grants and the Kickstarter campaign. (It was a more energetic performance than the one last week.)

    I will do a Facebook page for the kickstarter grant as suggested by a fellow student in this class.

    I can post the first nine pages of the script on my website with a cool photo.

    Put up signs for auditions for the dances. 

    Start working with a choreographers group to get feedback on my choreography.

    I can free advertise for dancers with a description of the project to build energy around the project. 

    Oh Bejeebus, I can think of a million things to do. That's not my problem. Settling on the most effective is.

Previous Update.

I'm putting together the first five pages of my young adult novel, A Fish Without a Bicycle as a text, movement, sound effects, and music 10 minute piece that will be performed Nov. 18th in Berkeley, for Works in the Works. It will be video-taped and used for a Kickstarter campaign and grant fundraising.

I'm working with long time associates choreographer Liz Dunn, sound engineer/designer Jim Hellman, and composer Victor Spiegel.

Eventually, I'd like to have a whole evening's work of the dance excerpts from the novel but this is the MVP. 

Here's the premise of the novel:

What if Ishmael were a fifteen year old girl? And instead of sailing the seven seas to find the white whale, she seeks to choreograph The Great American Dance  from the Great American Novel, Moby Dick. She risks, not her life, but the love of her Ahab-like eco-warrior boyfriend.