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Create a character: shy, red and tall

After seeing some results in the gallery, I decided Iwanted to make a character of my own. 

Well, the tree characteristics I chose are:

- tall
- red
- shy


Step 1: First the shapes I made, to start with. 

I made a little pear shape for the body and a egg shape for the head, the pear shape because I wanted to make it female, and because I wanted to make a teen or adolescent, Imade the head about the same size as the body. I didn't connect them though, like in the lesson, but in the next step it wasn't a problem.


Step 2: Shy? A cloak!

I made some notes on the paper, and the combo of red and shy? A cloak! I considered a fan, because it would make a nice object to make a statement with or add to the mood of the character, if animated.

For the red I added some freggles, and if coloured off course red hair. For tall, I had a little more trouble with. I drew the little man next to her, so she seemed like a giant, but that didn't make her big. Maybe if I did her again on some tracing paper, I'd give her really lonnnngggggg legs. For now just long arms then. 


Step 3: Eye placement... tried some... but this worked

By letting her look down, she immediately became shy and tall. Higher in her face didnt work.

After this I added buttons, shoes, stand like she needs to pee, a sweater and hair. 


Step 4: Finished! This part ;)

I really likes this class, but it is hard to not overthink... when making this post, I was thinking like "A sweater with buttons?" "Filled eyes.. hmmm"

I wont do it! She's fine...


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