Laura Robinson

Events Associate



Create a better lifestyle

My fitness goal is to keep in my head how awesome I feel after exercising.  By 12 weeks I want to have changed my fitness schedule to the following:

Monday – 6am walk with dog before work

Tuesday – 6am gym session (weights; arms, legs, abs), run with dog after work

Wednesday – 6am walk with dog, yoga in PM

Thursday – 6am gym session (weights; chest and back), run with dog after work

Friday - 6am gym session (weights; shoulders, butt abs), walk with dog after work

Saturday – Trail run with dog in the park, weights in the gym PM

Sunday – Trail walk with dog in the park, bootcamp class in the PM

My goal for this week:

  1. Eat breakfast every day – prepare smoothie at night and drink on the go
  2. Pack healthy mid day snacks – no cakes or muffins
  3. No after dinner snacking – brush teeth after dinner to stop this
  4. Keep remembering how fantastic I feel after exercising, it’s only 1 hour in the day!


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