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Create a Simple Contact Form: HTML & CSS

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Hi all!

I am a Programmer and a Web Developer and have several experience in this field. Therefore, I plan on creating a new HTML & CSS Class for August Teach Challenge!

My Class - "Create a Simple Contact Form: HTML &CSS" will teach students how to code a Contact Form for your website. first students will learn how to input the HTML Code of the Form and then they will Style the Form using CSS!

Class Short Description

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build a Contact Form using HTML & CSS!

In this course you will:

  • Create a working HTML & CSS Contact Form

This course will walk you through the entire process, from setting up your page, to applying the form through HTML. You will then add styles to the form through CSS so you can easily match it to any style of page you want to create, or have already created.

You will code the whole form from start to finish, and get a solid understanding of how easy it is to build a contact form with HTML & CSS markup!


Class Project

Thank You for enrolling in my Class!

Now that you have completed watching all the video lessons its your time to create something new!

Now its your turn to build a Simple Contact Form using HTML & CSS but you need to style it in a different way which is not similar to mine!

Lets see how you guys do!

After creating your own Contact Form share your success with your teacher and other students by uploading a Picture of your Contact Form in the Projects Section of this Class!

Best of Luck! :-)


August Teach Challenge - Milestone #2 Completed! 

Here is a Link to my Video Lesson Outline for my Class!

                            COURSE OUTLINE

August Teach Challenge - Milestone #3 Completed! 

August Teach Challenge - Milestone #4 Completed! 

August Teach Challenge - Milestone #5 Completed!

Here is the Class Link: 

August Teach Challenge - Milestone #6 Completed! 




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