Create a Modern DuoTone Effect Banner For a Website or Social Media Graphic

Hey, just sharing my draft so far. No video just yet - but will be adding more details very soon!

Thanks, Simon

Class Description:

Learn how to create a fresh and clean looking banner for a website header or a social media graphic (or indeed many other uses). This technique can be really effective at integrating photography into your designs without being overpowering.

We'll primarily be using Photoshop, but I also cover how to use free tools to achieve the same effect. I'll be creating several example graphics, including additional text and effects to show how it can be put to practical use.

Taking a photograph, we'll use our duotone effect to reduce it to just two colors. The choice of colors can make the image more subtle, and useful for overlaying important text and graphics - or make it bold and vibrant, perfect for eye-catching branding.


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