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Create a Lino Block Print- PUBLISHED- Enroll For Free!

Hi Classmates! The Lino Block class is now published-- give it a go and tell me what you think. Here is the Free Enrollment link Just Click Enroll and I welcome your feedback and comments-- can still make changes even though it's published. Thanks a lot, would love to return the favor :) xx Elaine

Have taped a Trailer and now on to the Outline and Intro video- Having so much fun making the art for this class, I have to get down to the actual teaching bits :)

Thanks for all of your support! Next Class: Easy Lino Block Printing

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Class Published! Enroll for Free http://skl.sh/28NnkhC

Have five of the 6 class videos up, and just finishing up today! Looking forward to sharing and getting feedback :)  If you leave a comment for me here and "like" my project, I am happy to do the same for you.


Here is a new image of the "Synthesis Chart"


Find the draft of the Intro Video herehttps://youtu.be/nD_ZpBxb7m4

Are you a visual artist? Have you been making art for a while but have not yet landed on your "signature style"? If so, then this course is for you! Using my scientific, detached method of analyzing your current work, we can identify the stylistic elements that make your art a one-of-a-kind style statement. We will hone in on what makes your work special, and then identify the key elements that you will want to repeat throughout your portfolio. 

Step 1: Select three images from your current portfolio of work. Select the best ones, the images you really love, the pieces that came straight from your heart, and maybe even those that sold for the most money.

Step 2: Select three images from artists living or dead that you really admire. Select those with the most personal resonance to you, and perhaps those most like the images that you have chosen from your portfolio. Select pieces that you would buy to hang on your wall, if you had unlimited funds.

Step 3: We will examine all of the style attributes of all of the work using category lists.

Step 4: We will build a word map to describe all of the elements that the works share in common.

Step 5: We will create a new Signature Image that pulls together the best of the attributes, synthesizing a new style.

Step 6: Finis! Viola, let's name your Signature style and claim it!

Video Filming Outline Milestone

If you have been making art for a number of years, but still struggle to define a "signature style" for yourself, then this course is for you!

a warning: a true artistic style evolves organically after making many many images over a long period of time. But this course is for artists who have trouble narrowing down and focusing in on the essential stylistic qualities of their work for portfolio building, exhibiting and creating a marketing message. If you're like me, with creativity exploding out of you and seeking many avenues, then take this journey with me to hone in on the best of your work and develop a true Signature Style all your own!

Your Signature Style: Find it, Name it and Claim it!


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