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Create a Life Constitution for ever!!!

I am going to try to explain my self, what I think I did learn, I got into this class to be more efective, or to make more things done, because I feel like I am just pasing by and not doing much, 
After I read the class and all the things involve, my words
There are 9 steps to get more efective, I say:
80% come from the 20%
it says that the 80% of your life comes wiht the 20% of your efford, means that we have to be carfull in what we invest our 20% of effor so we can get the best 80% we can. Pu it down with some other words, says that we have 100% of effor, but only the 20% make good results, so what it is tha 20% of activities, that they have to be done, I need to find it, and make sure that it gets done.
Then external brain.
Thats a good idea, make sure you have a place where you can write down all your ideas, but when you are doin it, organize them, or make sure they get organize, so can find it later.
Here is where evernote comes, 
I have like 10 apps to take notes, but they don't organize.
I have tu learn how to organize the notes, with tags, key words, and all the fancy things of evernote, I get a little bit nervius about get my life to expensive, buying all the apps that I hear about. 
I whent to evernote, and the premium version look better, so I am thinking in going premium. Advise me
I was thinking about this, of my 20% and I realize that one of the must important it 
it takes me forever to adopt a new idea. Its like I have to see it in words, or in a draw, or I have to do a graphip or a mindmap, and give me time to understand the idea, 
And this if when it gets stuck, because and don't do it easy, 
For example it took me 2 days, I mean allmust 48 ahours to write this down, and start proccessing the information and adding to my mind.
I will create a system for my life and family
It will make us contribuite to build a family constitution, I will teach my family how we are going to use all I did learn from this class. 
it will be a plataform where comunication will be friendly, everybody will work at their own peace.
My family will help me to set the limits, process, and activities that will help us to get closer, and every body will feel part of this big proyect call family
  1. Open an acount in Evernote, Google docs, calendar. For the future (EGC)
  2. learn everything about evernote (done)
  3. lear everything about google docs (in progress)
  4. learn google calendar
  5. create notes that we will discuss, and work togheter (comunication, school, responsabilities, etc)
  6. create documents in google docts, that will guide us to control
  7. teach Mom, Kid1, Kid2, Kid3, about evernote, google docs and google calendar
  8. download evernote, google docs and calendars on theirs computers
  9. open an acount for each one of them.
  10. Start process of building our  system and constitution.


My bussines #1 and #2 are working out side this system. One of the reasons it is because not all my employers  have a computers and cell phones, and wifi conecction. My firts challenge will fix this situation, give every body a way to get infront a computer with wifi connection

  1. set up a way for my manager #1  and key workers to have acces to a computer and wifi conecction
  2. Then  I will follow the Same steps of the firts process.
  3. teach them the system EGC


  1. Select people that can help me to develope my idea
  2. propouse them the system EGC
  3. propuse them to open and acount on Evernote, google docs, and calendars
  4. start working the idea with all the team.
  5. collect all the information from them and start making the bussines model.


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