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Carrie Anne James

American Digital Entrepreneur in Paris



Create a French Mini-Film

I am a French teacher and official American in Paris with the prestigious Skills and Talent visa for my documentary film production company and online French school, French Is Beautiful. A francophile and a francophone, a lover of the Parisian heart, French savoir vivre and American optimism. I help people's French dreams come true. This class is for anyone who loves Paris, who loves French film and who wishes they were that French girl in the fashion blogs. It is a class for the French film lover and for those who secretly feel that they were meant to live in one. I will coach you to create your own black and white short French film using only your iPhone and Macbook, while improving your French. To help you meet your inner French woman, your inner Deneuve, your inner Godard. These are the real reasons that we all want to learn French. Let me help you make your French dream a reality by taking you on the French artistic journey of a lifetime ;)

In this class, every student will create a short (90 second) black and white French film à la nouvelle vague, containing a voice over of them telling a brief story in French / reading a narrative that they have written in French following my easy fill-in-the-blank guidelines. In this way, we will hone our creative skills in an area that connects us to French culture while improving our French vocabulary and speaking skills.

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