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Create a Custom Pumpkin Carving Pattern from Your Own Photo

Great artists can look at the world and, using only their experienced brains and eyes and hands, create an approximate representation of what they see.  

I cannot do this.

What I can do is manipulate a photograph in photoshop to create a sort of pattern or template which I can then use as a foundation for recreating these photos in a completely different medium.

As a semiprofessional mom I have tons of experience in recreating the faces of my loved ones in all kinds of projects.  In my classes, I teach you how to transform your own photos into templates which you can then use to create a variety of impressive projects.  This class is the first step, covering the basics of simplifying photos so you are better able to recreate them in different media.  Best of all, I will give you the skills to modify them into a range of complexities, from very simple to more intricate.  So you can start simple and adjust the difficulty level as you grow your skills.


Your goal is to find or take a photo that you'll then modify in photoshop in order to create a template for carving pumpkins.  By going through this process, you will gain some basic photoshop skills that will allow you to to simplify the photo into a form that can be used to recreate the photo in a completely different medium.

You can then, following the instructions in my next class, use this pattern to carve the image on a pumpkin, watermelon or any other type of gourd.  


Find or take a photo well suited to recreate on a pumpkin or other gourd (with a large depth of field, plain background, not too busy)

Modify the photo into patterns of varying difficulties to experiment with, finding your current skill level. These patterns can also be used for any or all of the following crafts...

  • pumpkin carving
  • buttercream design
  • murals
  • coloring books
  • postcard puzzles




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