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David Miller

Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio



Create a Caricature in Clay Without A Studio

I went to college to learn art photography, but I had my most fun creating caricature characters in my clay class.  In this class we'll create reusable forms, design our characters, learn the proportions of the face, examine different materials and more, making our mask without the need for any specialty ceramic studio equipment!

The outline for this project is here + the intro video is here!




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Introducing Chaos: Creative Photo Transfer

I've been a photographer since prior to the digital revolution, and as creative as one can be with a digital tools, there is an element of chaotic randomness that we cannot program.  This class is for visual artists and designers looking to reintroduce chaos into their workflow for surprising, one-of-a-kind results.

This class covers 3 styles of image transfer, allowing us to put our photographs, drawings and graphics onto unusual surfaces like wood and tile with an organic flavor to the work.  I'll do demos of each method, and also cover the philosophy of image transfer, how to prepare our images using Adobe Lightroom, and the specific tools and materials that work with each transfer style.

For the class projects, I'll be asking you to create finished artwork using the Xerox transfer, the heat transfer on tile, and rubbing alcohol transfer methods.

The published class is here!


See you in class and have fun with it!


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