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Create Your Simple Watercolorcolor Calendar- Marketing Moves

Helllo fellow teachers! This is my latest Skillshare class. I've found that two things are key when marketing a class: show its value and don't be market-y. (I'm sure I could polish that wording, but this is a quick post!)

Show its value

I'm very forthright about what will be gained by a class in its Class Overview description. I'm a fan of concise bullet points and simply list what students can walk away with. This is the main question that students have when they approach a class, "what will I learn?"


Don't be market-y

This is a fine line to walk, but the heart of it is this: my peers don't want to be sold on something, they want content. So I make my marketing shares on social media content-driven. I'll give a sneak peek into what I'm teaching or I simply give a little behind the scenes fun. I want them to feel like there was some value to seeing that post--whether they decide to enroll in my class or not. The three images right down the middle of my Instagram screenshot are all class related and I temporarily replaced my website url with my Skillshare referral link.


At the very least, I simply want to inform folks of what I have available a I did in this email


Like the dorky screenshot? 

One thing I'd add about sending out invites to my friends and family: I didn't try to "sell them" on the class. I was very frank in my email when I launched my first class. I was nervous that this thing would even take off so I simply asked them to enroll for free as a favor of support for me. They were happy to do so.

I obviously have the advantage of having a design background and using it for my images. I'm very visually-driven--perhaps why I keep my writing short--and see it as a critical component to branding. I recommend reaching out for design help to make classes look professional. 

That said, I'm happy to receive feedback from others with other strengths! Feel free to comment with your ideas on what I've posted or how to improve my approach to merchandising/ marketing classes. 




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