Angie Tran

Self Taught Designer.



Create Your Own Marble Texture with Photoshop

Hi everyone!

I've just started and this is the third class I published in August.

Definitely there are many things I need to improve on in order to create better classes in the future. So if you can spare sometimes to look at it and give me your valuable feedback, that will make my day. 

These are the tactics that I used:

- I have been asking for support from my close friends and families and they were so supportive. This is the first thing that I wanna do, showing your work to those who support you and don't mind to give you constructive feedback.

- Telling friends that are not too close about the class and emphasize that it is a free class. Focus on telling those that I know would be interested in the content of my class first. For example, in this class I am teaching how to make a marble texture using Photoshop. Hence, I tell my friends who are already or interested in learning Photoshop.

- Give part of my class as a free content in public platform and let them know that they can watch the full video from this link. Here is the link to my Youtube video

So these are the ways that I used so far. I hope they are helpful to you. 

Also, I love how Skillshare community is so loving and supportive, I enjoy looking at everyone's project and learn from them. Hope you find something new from my class too. 

Here is the link to my class

If you are not a paid user you can access the class at this free enrollment link

Thank you and I hope everyone has a great week!


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