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Volga Ilyina

Graphic Designer



Create Your Own Laser Cut Invitation

Class Description:

Hi Everyone!

In this class I would like to share with you my knowledge of creating Carved Invitations.

I could insure you that this is easy, don't worry if you have never done it. The tools I use are really simple and easy to learn. Indeed, I will guide you through the process step by step. 

In class we will talk about the general concept of your invitation and how it affects the shape, main colors, lettering. I will tell you about the parts invitation may consists of, will give you some useful tips about how to find the best colors, how to pick up materials and other.


I believe, this is really exciting and interesting process and as a reward in the end of the class you will have Your Own Designed Invitation.

This is great, isn’t it?

I look forward to the beginning!

Project Description:

During the class we will be creating a Carved Invitation.
First of all, you will have to find an occasion (Your sister`s wedding, Brother`s Birthday Party, Grandmother's Jubilee, etc.).

Next, you will create your mood board and will do some sketches.


Mood board should consist of some basic colors, photos, ornaments and other materials, which present the main idea of the event. Here you have to show your creativity: find interesting examples for invitation, choose beautiful fonts, search for color schemes and other. I think that this is the most enjoyable and creative part of the job.


Next, we will embody your idea into the reality. It means digitizing yours sketches and preparing files for print. I use Adobe Illustrator for this purpose. Also you can use CorelDraw or other apps for vector graphic. Don`t worry if you have never worked with programs like these. I will show you some basic tools that you may need for drawing. It's easy!


So, as a final step you will need to upload the photo or the digital version of your invitation.


P.S.Those three students who will enroll my class, will publish project in instagram with hashtag #skillshare_volgailyina and got the most LIKES will receive ready invitation card from Minsk.You will just need to write down your address. See you!

My Class Outline:

Trailer for My Class:


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