Create Your Own Fiber Art: An Introduction to Weaving | Skillshare Projects

Savannah Kurka

maker + designer + weaving enthusiast



Create Your Own Fiber Art: An Introduction to Weaving

You can check out the finished class here.

Join us on our journey as we will learn about the age old craft of weaving with our own modern twist. No experience is nessesary as we explore the foundation of weaving and create a strong understanding of the basics. We will build on our newly found knowledge by exploring a handful of fun tips, tricks, and techniques, that will help students make unique woven pieces time and time again. At the end of this class, each student should walk away with a piece of handwoven wall art that they are truly proud of. 

During this class we will explore the following steps:

Step One: Source or create a lap loom. 

Step Two: Learn how to warp a loom. 

Step Three: Learn the basics of a plain weave.  

Step Four: Explore shape and pattern design. 

Step Five: Explore texture building. 

Step Six: Learn how to finish your woven tapestry.

Step Seven: Jump for joy because YOU just created a woven tapestry!


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