Create Your Life Wiki Workspace using the PARA Method

Create Your Life Wiki Workspace using the PARA Method - student project

Hello again! 

This is your Class Project.


Create one of the following types of pages and share it with the community:

1. Create Your Notion Life Wiki Home Page

2. Create 4 additional Notion sub-pages and have them fall under your master Life Wiki template

3. Name your pages accordingly by following the PARA Method as this was shared in the course

4. Organize the 4 additional pages using the PARA Method. Customize each page with an icon, including the Life Wiki home page

Show your work!

After you have finished, upload a picture of your class template to your class project. 

My Life Wiki Template - which was shared in this course - can be found under this LINK. The component templates part of the Life Wiki Template are also linked below:

That's a wrap! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Robert Blanc
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