Create Quirky Illustrated Devotions


Bible Journaling is an art from sweeping Christian Bible Study.  

People are posting pics of their artwork and you want to jump in.

We will create a unique piece of art that encourages you and others.

This class will focus on choosing what to draw that best matches your application of the verse.

Students are welcome to express this with their choice of materials: drawing, painting, collage, digital art forms, etc.


Create a Quirky Bible Illustration


We will unlock your creativity so you can get started in this creative Bible Study method.

The project is to illustrate a verse by avoiding the cliche and including personal elements.

Depending on your medium you can complete this a journal, standalone work on in the margins of a journaling Bible.

You can tell the story of your illustration by adding to the project after each lesson.

Share your:

1. Keywords

2. References

3. Rough sketches

4. Lettering Guide

5. Finished Work

CLASS OUTLINE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tk948vwmwymncxz/Skillshare%20Outline.pdf?dl=0

VIDEO SAMPLE: https://youtu.be/tII6NVnd6ks

MY PUBLISHED CLASS: http://skl.sh/1Uioe17


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