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Create Quick & Easy Web Images in Photoshop: Photos, Transparencies, & Animated GIFS

Hello. This is a new mini course I published on Skillshare yesterday. It actually comes from inside a gigantic web foundations course I teach that is essentially 11 courses in one covering things like web design do's and don'ts, HTML, CSS, web images, Dreamweaver, J-Query, WordPress, and more.

So this 47 minute course focuses on teaching beginners the essential basics of creating images that are web-ready in Photoshop as well as transparent GIFS, and fun animated GIFS for a website or social media.

Here's the link:

Today I have 10 students which for me is decent. Usually my Skillshare courses only get 1-3 new students a day. I put the link to my course on Twitter and my Facebook page yesterday. Here it is on my Facebook page:


..and here it is on Twitter:


I should have maybe put an image with it. I will try it again when I re-tweet later.

I also watched the last two sections of this course today and decided to take a Skillshare Tutorial I made recently, and turn it into a free mini Skillshare course. Here's the link if you or anyone you know might be interested:

How to Use Color Psychology to Boost Your Website: A Case Study:


It looks a bit sad with no students yet, but it was just published a few minutes ago.

Anyway, that's all for now. Baby steps.... Thanks again for this course and the nudge to populate my courses with more students.

Best wishes,


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