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Create Mail ART! Botanical Stationery Bundle


Class Description:

This class was created with paper lovers in mind! If you swoon over stationery and paper goods like I do, then creating mail art is a fun activity you should try!


The fun thing about Mail Art is you can create something beautiful to give as a gift to a penpal or even to friends at home.

There are many forms of mail art you can create, but in this class I will be guiding you through creating my personal favourite and one of the best sellers in shop, a Snail Mail Surprise Stationery Bundle in a botanical theme.

The stationery bundle looks beautiful, delicate and intricate. 

In order to make it easier for you to create one for yourself the class will discuss the anatomy of stationery bundles for mail art and how to arrange the paper products into an aesthetically pleasing composition. 

Don’t worry about gathering the various elements to create the stationery bundle, this class provides free stationery printables that you can use to for the final project.


Finally completed my class outline:


Also finished the slides today! Excited to start shooting!


Tweaking my cover photo at the moment... thoughts?



or this


Can't quite decide. :)



As per people's feed back, I've removed secondary texts.  Here's a more streamlined version of the cover image. :)


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