Create A Card Using Rubber Stamps and Textures

Create A Card Using Rubber Stamps and Textures - student project


Learn how to create cards quickly and simply using rubber stamps and different textures.


Card stock and envelopes

Rubber stamp

Ink Pad

At least one other item to create some texture such as tissue paper, wrapping paper, fabric, ribbon, stickers/craft pieces etc.

Useful Tools




Hole punch

Scrap paper

Class Project

Create a card using some rubber stamps if you have them adding some texture as well.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to mix print with craft pieces as you will see in the cards I make in this class. But if you don’t have any stamps already and don’t want to invest just yet then just play around with some colors and textures, it’s the different things you use to create textures that I’m most interested in. You can use anything you can find to create your textures from wrapping paper, ribbon or the adhesive tiny jewels I showed you to bedazzle your recipients! You really don’t have to go out and spend a lot to get started.

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Rosalind Bell
Card Designer/Maker & Skillshare Teacher