Create 3 focal point prints in 3 weeks

Hello everyone!

Am a bit behind so far as have been working my way through the basics classes and been struggling to get to grips with AI (it's so much more complicated than I thought!). As a result, I've only managed to create one mood board with a few sketches so far... so here goes for starters...

I got my inspiration for this board after wandering around my garden at the weekend and spotted some lovely bumble bees buzzing about from flower to flower... I really did my best to snap them at the time but couldn't get a clear shot, so the close up shot of the bee in my mood board was found on Pinterest [as was the shot of the bears - we don't have too many for them in Edinburgh! ;o) ]

I've recently been seeing and signing a lot of online petitions in the UK about banning the pesticides that are killing our bees - their numbers are in such decline - they do such a brilliant job and are so important to the planet we live in! I'm trying to do my part in a practical sense by planting lots of flowers which I know they'll love in my small urban garden. And now they have inspired my first ever attempt at creating a focal point print...

As the poet Kahlil Gibran put it so beautifully, "To the bee, a flower is the fountain of life, and to the flower, the bee is a messenger of love."  I love bees! can you tell?!

Realise I need to get a lot more practice in drawing and sketching too as I have done very little in recent years. Lots and lots to learn. Excited as to what might come next though, it's all so interesting! 




Hello everyone!

Well... I'm afraid my efforts have all been put on hold as I've hit a crazy busy period at work and have not been able to work my way through each of the videos. Such a pity! :o(  In any free time I've had I've been trying to get to grips with how to use AI, but then my trial period of the software ran out and so switched over to a trial of Affinity Designer instead which is where I am at present!

So really I've spent these past few weeks trying to work out how to use these programs rather than properly designing a focal point print, but have really enjoyed seeing all you talented people and how your patterns have taken shape! And I am determined to get through the course ...eventually!

This is as far as I have got... I've just been mucking about really - I know the pattern placement is not right and it's not really a proper focal print pattern either but I'm just so delighted to have managed to recreate at least one of my sketches digitally!!! Oh and for some reason the colours have not come out right in the jpegs I've pasted in here ...(they are a lot nicer in reality... honestly!!!)

So much to learn so little time! Never mind.... I will persist! :)

Trial 1:




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