Create 3 focal point patterns in 3 weeks

Hi there, my name is Natasha and I live in England. I have a confession, I haven't really sketched anything since I was in school so this may be a bit of a steep learning curve for me! I've enrolled in Bonnie's workshop to have a go at something creative and totally different and to help me practice what I've learnt in Adobe Illustrator. I'm very lucky to live in such a beautiful land, so my patterns are inspired by pretty English gardens I've visited and trips to the seaside.


Keywords: Fishing boats, seagulls calling, waves lapping on the shore, sun glistening on the sea, crab buckets, harbour walls, floating buoys




Ok, so it's taken me a while but I've now managed to draw some of these sketches in illustrator:


I think I may add some add some different waves to the mix to play with as well.

So I've now coloured in my illustrations and I'm really pleased with how they're looking - yay :)


Before having a go at creating a pattern using all of my motifs I've just created a pattern using one item and have tried different colour options and scales to get a feel for things:


Hoorah! After some issues with Adobe CC I've finally got Illustrator up and running and have been able to finish my pattern. Part of me thinks that perhaps it's a bit too busy but on the other hand I think that it represents just how busy our seaside towns can be, just how much is going on at them and just how many people are using the sea. 


I've also had a go at creating a much simpler pattern using only one of the motifs and a coloured background with I really like. For some reason I think this would look lovely on a tea towel or maybe a mug!


I think I'm going to have a go at creating a few more simpler patterns using different combinations of the motifs. 


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