Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks

Pattern Design Workshop: Create 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks

Hi everyone, 

This is my first time posting a pattern design project on here. I'm really enjoying the learning process and discovering all about surface pattern design.

A little about me, I live in Ireland, I studied graphic design at art college, quite a while ago now! I love to draw, paint, I love lots of different crafts including embroidery, paper crafts, needle felting, hand weaving. I love gardening, being in nature and appreciate all types of wildlife. I've love to work as an illustrator and surface pattern designer.

Theme Topics

1. Barn Owls

My Pinterest Inspiration Board


Below are some photos I took at an Owl Sanctuary combined with some watercolour and line drawing sketches I did.


Descriptive words: Barn Owls, mysterious, flight, elusive, majestic, barn, magical, silent wings, feathers, nighttime.


Some sketches just in black pen.




2. Natural Garden

My Pinterest Inspiration Board


Below are some photos I took in my garden combined with pages from my botanical sketchbook, some embroidery and a needle felted and embroidered bee.


Descriptive words: Natural garden, wildlife, nature, flowers, birds, bees, butterflies, buzzing, meadow, connected, beauty.

3. Chickens

My Pinterest Inspiration Board


We just got our chickens last week, so we are pretty chicken obsessed at the moment. Below are some photos of our girls (in pecking order - Edwina, Winnie, Midnight, Speckles and Maggie), they are very entertaining! 


Descriptive words: Chickens, free range, the girls, fresh eggs, character, friendly, explore, hens, happy, clucking.

I'm working on some more sketches at the moment and will share soon.


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