Create 3 Focal Point Prints in 3 Weeks

My final designs for 3 Focal Prints in 3 Weeks, 7.2016:

1. "Mayan Butterflies", From my Cubic Garden collection


2.  "Fruit Tree Crazy", From Home Orchard Collection


3. "Don't Spill the Beans", From my coffee Time Collection



Here is the mood board for the first one called "Cubic Garden". 


And a few of my sketches for my Cubic Garden collection:



I was able to work on these designs today...I'm calling this design ""Mayan Butterflies""- the light purple (Spanish Lavender) back ground is my original design/colorway and the Greenish background colorway (Winter Grass) is one from using the AI Recolor Artwork tool- of the several I liked I felt this one matched my Mood Board the best. My Wacom got a good workout with this one. :)

I love my garden, but I am also forever inspired by so many other things in life- things creep into my designs.  I was lucky enough to travel to Mexico and climb the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza. It was the last year that the public was allowed to climb it. We stayed close by in the enclave where the original archeologists had stayed, so we were the first through the gates in the early morning and the first be there to climb to the top. We stayed up there awhile and were joined by only a couple other people. It was amazing peaceful, just like my garden.

This was one of the first times I have used the swatch feature in AI, as I was previously taught and have always done my repeats without using this feature. 

A screen shot at the start of my process:



Here's the initial colorway that I used as I started filling my motifs in:


And below is another colorway:  I do like the lightness of the lilac above- but the the 'wheat-green' version below fits the over essence of my plants & garden. It also reminds me of the dry grasses in background of the California landscape, which is where live. The colors are also more calming, which is always I feel when out in my garden. :)


Playing around with a possible coordinate: Calling this ( I think)  Garden Fences:



And here is my mood board for my Home Orchard theme...


We have a small orchard and i just love working out in it on a clear blue sky day. Being from the east coast I am still amazed at what we can grow here. Some of my favorites are our 2 huge pomegranate trees, are Trovita and Red blood orange trees, apricots and blue Damson trees. Yes, I make a lot of jam! :)



And my Mood Board for "Coffee Time", my third theme:


A few of my Coffee Time sketches:


And here is my focal print for my Coffee Time Collection:  

We roast and grind our own coffee beans. There is nothing better than sharing coffee in the morning, or really at anytime with a close friend. How may good stories and laughs have you shared over good coffee? 

I'm calling this one "Don't Spill the Beans".



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