Create 3 Focal Point Prints in 3 Weeks

Hi, my name is Stacey. I'm originally from the beautiful hills of West Virginia, but have made my home on the banks of the Potomac in southern Maryland for the past 13 years. Mom to 2 wonderful kiddos, wife to 1 wonderful husband, obsessive knitter, semi-enthusiastic gardener, and now aspiring surface pattern designer. 

Why oh why did I think summer was a good time to take a workshop? I've struggled to keep up, between 2 trips out of state, another coming up in a few days, keeping kids entertained, hauling them to and from camps, etc. BUT, inspiration (finally) struck at the end of last week, and I sketched like mad! Unfortunately, I've only got one "inspiration" so far, but I'm going to try to make the most of it, and enjoy. :)

~Eastern Folk~

I found a huge source of inspiration in folk art, particularly that of Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and Russia. The traditional motifs used in painting and embroidery are so bold and colorful. I really do want to live in a house covered in all of those beautiful floral paintings! The traditional costumes are meticulously crafted, and covered in intricate embroidery. As a child of the 80's, I think in some part I still associated eastern Europe with all of the Reagan-era anti-communist/Soviet bloc rhetoric that abounded at that time. This really has opened my eyes to the cultural beauty of that part of the world. :) 



My sketches:



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