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Crazy zebra in mixed media

Today I really wanted to focus on experimenting something new and I found the courage to do it thanks to this class! 


So at first I played with my materials and had a lot of fun.

I particulary like the following experiments:


The first layer is an alcol based marker (purple), then some alcohol spray and a final touch of dark watercolor.


this is just acrylic paint I blowed with a spray duster! on the right I put a touch of alcohol spray.


On a wet surface I put some black ink and I gently pressed it with a sponge bathed in alcohol. I love it!


here I used some paper from a magazine, plus watercolor and acrylic paint. On the second one I used a baking sheet, with the same watercolor and acrylic paint. interesting effects.


that's probably my favourite, but it has the inconvenience that it takes like forever to dry. It's a liquid transparent glue with ink on the top when the glue is still wet. 

And now my final project, where I used alcohol+acrylic paint technique, acrylic + spray duster effect and watercolor + soft pastel. 

The subject is taken from one of my old digital collage. 



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