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Crazy love

11th September - Went back to analog, worked some more with the drawing - added details etc.

26th August - Made a pen drawing based on one of the sketches. Just started playing around with the composition over beers. I'm gonna do some more hand drawing, just trying to get the feel.  Want to use analog & digital color, hard light a mostly muted pallette except for the flowers on the tree. Still loads of work to be done.

22nd August - Hi all! Just started with sketches. Thinking about conceptually illustrating love, and how it can help you grow as a person. I'm Icelandic and sometimes I might lack the exact words for the meaning i'm trying to convey, so bear with me.

Inspiration was drawn from the trees & lightposts in the street I live, the Van Morrison song and life stuff. Made a Pinterest board of styles & things that's available here:

23rd August - Here are my sketches. Idea is to try and make the tree sort of hug the lightpost and be growing leaves there in all sorts of colors. Still unsure which I like best, probably a mix of all three. Want both items to convay a human feel. Need to figure that out.

Not sure about the style I want it to be in. But I think I'd like to use a muted pallette for most of the things except leaves and lightpost light, to focus on the connection there.


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