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Crazy, Sexy, Cool Wellness Via Sun Valley

Crazy, Sexy, Cool Wellness Via Sun Valley 

The Sun Valley Wellness Festival proves that society has advanced beyond its once narrow perspective of spiritual wellness that associated the practice with an ohm chanting monk perched on a pillow. 

Far from the repetitive dogmas of the past, wellness today is colorful and inspiring. It includes enriching the mind, body, and soul through self empowerment, health and fitness, purposeful living, and creative expression. Wellness has become a synergistic experience that can be shared with friends and family, and it’s “crazy, sexy!” says cancer survivor and SVWF speaker Kriss Carr of Crazy, Sexy Wellness. 

“In its 17th year, the Sun Valley Wellness Festival continues to stimulate audiences by providing a fresh perspective on wellness” details Carol Waller, Executive Director of the Sun Valley Wellness Institute. 

With guests gathered together for a weekend of haute and holistic inspiration, the event is reminiscent of a new age summer camp, only with cooler activities and better room and board. Nestled in the Idaho mountains is the lush Sun Valley Resort, the official headquarters for the SVWF. From May 22-26th this hideaway is transformed into an eudemonia haven, where participants indulge in creative workshops, fitness sessions, spiritual seminars and more from over 30 speakers and practitioners. Some of whom have included metaphysical aficionados Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in past years. 

This is a vibrant travel feature with an inviting outlook on wellness for your trendy readers. In addition to a breakdown of the festival in the fields of the mind, body, and soul that caters to new age wellness enthusiasts, I plan to share the lodging experience, and a brief interview with SVWF speaker Kriss Carr on what wellness looks like today. 

By: Abiola Akanni


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