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Amy Ha

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Crawfish Boil Illustration


I've been on Skillshare for over a year now and haven't completed a project. So, here I am trying to complete the first classes I've enrolled, all your classes Brad.

I've been a designer for a couple of years and still learning every day how to be a better designer and illustrator. First item on the list is a screenshot of my workspace. Ta-da!

I actually never had customized a space before. I've always used the "Esentials"; I organized mine so that I have my layers/artboard, then i can chose with type, after that would be arranging the lements, and then color, etc. Let's hope I can make this of use when I draw my simple illustratiion/design.



No time to waste as I am on a roll. Haha. Here is a quick sketch of some ingredients that go for a crawfish boil. You have your:

    • corn
    • potato
    • sliced sausage
    • crawfish
    • lemons

Next, I'll work on illustrating these elements. Stay tuned.


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