Crash Course Composition


Writing Machine

Awesome art installation.   A robotic gizmo that writes, "I want all of this, all of this I want" over and over.    Angles.   Only had my cell phone, wishing I had my SLR for depth of field.


Entrance Cover

Symmetry and abstraction

Seattle Library

The Seattle library is an amazing place to take pictures in.   I had way too many interesting shots to choose from.

St. Paddy's Cup Stacking

The beer garden after the St. Paddy's day run here in Seattle. Loved the shapes, and the people on-looking followed the same curve.    The light on the cups was fascinating, and again, too many great shots to choose from.   The stack was much taller than it looks here and I must admit, I did contribute a few cups to the stack.

Glowing Escalator

Back in the library.   Symmetry.


Dock Chair (Updated)



Spear Hunter

Smith Tower

Fire Station


Windmill Set 1

Golden ratio attempt

Lone Windmill

Fore, mid, background

Lone Windmill version2-recrop

I'm struggling with this one.    Somewhat a rule of thirds, but my eye wants the ground/sky to be based on the thirds instead of the subject.  And should the width be narrowed?

Lone Windmill Version 3 - more ground

Lone Windmill - Version4 - less ground

Tree Upshot

Golden ratio

Tree Sign

Frozen lake

Rule of thirds, but no good subject.

Frozen lake Version 2 - narrow recrop

Dockless, but I didn't have a version where I lose the post.

Frozen Lake Version 3 - More dock

Same shot, different day.  This one had most of the dock.   The sunset was interesting so I left it color.


Framing plus rule of thirds, and foreground, mid, and background.   I tried many variations on this cottage, this was my favorite.


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