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The fall of the empire was marked by a new generation of England.  A new era marked by uncertainty, driven by greed and a few million more mouths to feed.  England has a new face, a face never seen before on these British Isles.  Grinding is more common than working, you've heard of the American Dream well welcome to the English Nightmare.  Welcome to our Society.

Born out of necessity, born out of a need for more.  Born as a higher pursuit of self, Cranium.  

We are here as a mentality, an idea that a spark is all that is needed to start the largest of flames.  So our apparel is one side of our brand as we are more of a movement that encapsulates all aspects of growing up young in modern urban environments.  The truth about our struggles and efforts to make it big in this world of greed and excess yet still remaining true to self.

A clothing line that is here to redefine what is and what should be when it comes to urban streetwear.  Started in early 2013 Cranium has taken strides to solidifying itself as a game changer in the fashion industry.  Aimed at actually bridging the gap between high end fashion and steetwear.  Our designs are concept based and will have a full meaning behind each detail.  We are aiming to do more than clothe the masses, instead looking to inspire and motivate them into the Cranium way of life.  Which is Brutal & Savage - REIGN WHERE YOU STAND.  

This means no matter where, who, or what you are about REIGN.  However we are not only here to be worn by those who have succeeded but by those still in the trenches we call modern society.  Where the war is of the mind.  We are trying to inspire people to not only win their fights but also to actually engage and Fight their battles.  Irregardless of how you go about it pursue your truth.  Noone sets limits or parameters for you, instead your conciousness is what builds the walls you are willing to climb.  So why not aim higher, why conform? Why be part of the masses?  

All of our designs are not only well thought out and planned but our material selection is impeccable as we source some of the best materials available on the market as well as engineering our own fabrics using different materials to make hybrid fabrics.  We also use a world renowned printing company who does a lot of work for Givenchy, Beyonce Merch, Disney Merch etc so the quality is impecabble.

A small preview of some of the crack we been cooking up.

Oh yeah, we didnt forget to add the logo.  Its in there somewhere you just have to look for it.  For clues google CRANIUM and see what the word means and then the penny will drop.   Brutal & Savage - Reign Where You Stand.


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