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Cranes& Magnets

I wanted to start things simple for my first try at making games.

I decided to go with box models and simple movements of objects.

For my first game I thought of creating a crane that moves crates from one position to another.

The crane would have sorta like a electro magnet that attracts the metal storage containers.

The game is just moving the storage from the truck at the harbor to the boat or vice versa and there would be a time limit. I would like to have an output of this on IOS IPAD

I have some experience with 3D but not so much with integrading them into unity and making them used for games. I'm trying my best to keep the polycount low and to combine all of the elements together.

For now, I am trying to build the following assets:

1. Metal Storage

2.Crane with magnet


4.Simple truck

5.Simple Boat.

Here is what I'm working on so far. I'll try to skip on doing too much details on the 3D models so that I can just move foward into creating the controls. 

So far this is 392 faces.

I found one of my 3D models. Thought of changing the scoop part to a magnet. I wouldn't be 100% faithful to the actual cranes. I want to try to make the game a little bit stylized on the components. I don't exactly know what this would look like but I'm just making everything as we go. :P

Update: May 06,2013

I'v been reading on normal maps in Maya to import into Unity. Here is the crates so far.

Each crate is 22 polygons.

Here is the crates with the low-res cargo ship. Just for blocking, will improve on the 3d models and texturing later on.


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