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Linda Yu

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Craig McDean 1996 Jil Sander Editorial

So I decided instead of making a literal copy of an existing poster, I would make a vector of a shot from my all time favorite ad, the 1996 Craig McDean Jil Sander campaign. Namely, this image:


I figured it would be doable without entering into uncanny valley territory since there isn't a face in this shot and the colors are really stark. What I ended up realizing was that there was a lot more detail to this photo than I had realized. Here's the earliest screenshot I took:


I decided that I would go in a direction that wasn't super literal so I added a strong shadow underneath the pink part. 

As for the florals, I thought about making them, but then caved to my baser instincts and used image trace and adjusted and cleaned up the resulting image. 


I also ended up swatching all the colors I used and this was the result:


Pretty much a lot of taupe. It also made me realize how much of a green cast the original photo had. Although looking back I could probably have made the colors a little brighter instead of relying on shadows on the taupe parts. This is my first time using illustrator even though I've fiddled with photoshop for a long time, and I'm surprised I've never tried it before.

Also while just trying stuff out during this class, I also doodled pusheen using only shapes:


And my friend doing shots, which I'm still kinda tweaking.


This was a lot of fun. 


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