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Crafting an inspiring morning

Hello! Good morning! 

So some history, I have never been good at mornings. I am a 5 snooze button or more type of person, waking up with hardly enough energy to go turn the coffee on and take a shower. Almost always running out the door ( probably late) for work, wishing I had given myself time to enjoy the morning before the daily grid. The result is me coming home from exhasted and usually drained creatively from work. Here is my attempt at better and more inspiring mornings that charge up my entire day.

5:40- wake up

5:45- stretch out of bed

5:50- wash face / brush teeth

6- cuddle the pup

6:05- start coffee

6:07- cold water / vitamins

6:10- finish pouring latte

6:15- drink coffee by window / journal

6:25- eat breakfast

6:40-clean up / tidy loft

7- walk dog

7:20- shower / get ready

7:45- prayer & daily reading

8- daily inspiration

8:45- leave for work


Monday: Search for inspiration for mood boards. Watch TED talks. 

Tuesday: Read a chapter in a book. 

Wednesday: Watching instructional videos (skillshare)

Thursday: Morning sketching. Sit on rooftop during summer months.

Friday: Soak in nature / go for a run or walk. 

Saturday: Breakfast and crafts with my husband.

Sunday: rest / prep for next week


Evening Schedule

6pm- arrive home from work. 

6:10- restroom and greetings

6:20- Begin Dinner prep

7- enjoy dinner

7:30- clean up

7:45- laundry / pick up 

8- Free time / creativity / relax

9- revisit morning daily

10- prepare for morning. turn off screens. 

10:30: prepare for bed



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