Dr. Ross Wirth

Professor, Org Change & Strategic Planning



Crafting a Personal Philosophy of Change

We all hold assumptions about organizational (and personal) change that are rooted in our experiences.  These assumptions are not necessarily bad, but they can influence what we believe about how people change individually and collectively, thereby influencing how we establish change objectives and approaches for ourselves and others.  This project worksheet is designed to surface these assumptions and make them explicit.  The self-knowledge can then be used in crafting a personal or organizational change initiative that will have a higher probability of success.

The project has ten steps with questions that lead the student through self-discovery after viewing two earlier videos.  The questions address experiences, past roles, personal change, beliefs on change resistance, empowerment, and approaches.

(Note that the image above is used within the project worksheet, complemented with a screen-cast video.  A separate image will be used to kick off the video sequence of 3+ videos, culminating with the project worksheet and the screen-cast of an explanation of the document.)

The course outline can be found at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DXHM331rTMJXkLos78sLTR_BPBwTlx_ilZ-86KOrFrs/edit?usp=sharing  

Adding an "About Me" introduction video.  


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