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Crafting a Paper Flower

This is my new class, "Crafting a Paper Flower" 

Please check this out! 

880e7d4c43c6d99ce7464c4bfc2a0884 Hi this class is about making a paper flower. You can learn how to make a template in illustrator, then how to craft a giant paper flower. It's very easy, anyone can do it, and all you need is paper, scissors and hot glue. Hope you will join me this fun craft class: 


Japanese Home Cooking, Oshi-Zushi (molded sushi). 




Here is the link: 

Japanese Home Cooking: Oshi Zushi



Hi everyone, 

I have just published my new class, "Retouch Your Simple Mistakes." 

Just a few easy techniques you can learn from this class, you will be free from simple mistakes and no more redoing all over your artwork. The class also cover how to extract background from your drawings/paintings. 

Hope to see you in my class! 

Class Project: Before and After picture. 

One un-retouched original artwork, and one retouched finished artwork. 

This is sample class project:



This is another example of retouched and rearranged illustration. 


I have a few more enrollments to reach 25! Hope to see you in class! 


Next class plan: Japanese Home Cooking: Osh-zushi (molded sushi). 

What kind of sushi do you like? If you have favorite kind, please leave me a message in comment section! Thank you! 


My third class: Make a Collage Self Portrait in Photoshop is also live. 




Hi everyone, I'm creating my second class:

My New Class Title: 

Japanese Home Cooking: Gyoza (postickers)

Class Description:

This class is for anyone who wants to make Japanese style potstickers called Gyoza at home. 

Gyoza is one of everyday food for Japanese people, and it is quite simple and easy to make, not to mention it is yummy! Also you can learn how to adjust recepi for your own favorite taste. For bonus at the end, there are a few tips for what to get at a Japanese market.

So join me, and hope you will have a little taste of Japanese cuisine at your home! 

Project Title:

Make your own Gyoza

Project Description:

1. Make your own Gyoza at home and share your pictures.

2. If you adjust recipi for your favorite taste, please share how you changed it. 

3. Little note about how that turn out and how you like it. 

Class Outline:

1. Trailer: Intro about Gyoza Making

2. Ingredients

3. Make Fillings

4. Wrapping Gyoza

5. Flying Gyoza

6. Time to Eat

7. Thank you




My Class is online! 



My First Class Title:

Make a Collage Illustration in Photoshop

Class Description: 

This class is for all who wants to create an unique illustration and have fun. You don't need papers, glues and scissors, or you don't need to know Photoshop very well. I will take you step by step for some basic Photoshop skills as we make an illustration out of texture images. You also don't need to be super good at drawing. If you can draw simple shapes, that's pretty much all you need! With this technique, you will be surprised how cool the image will turn out. So join me to create your own collage illustration. Let's have fun! 

Project Title: 

Make a stand alone illustration for a note card or Instagram

Project Description: 

Using a technique you learn from this class, make a simple stand along illustration that you can use for a note card. (or share in your Instagram)

Please upload: 

1. Your sketches (if you have one)

2. Texture Images you used for this illustration 

3. Finished Illustration. 

Class Outline:

I look forward to seeing all your projects! 

Thank you everyone for your support through out this project! 

Now my first class is Live! Click Here to check this out! 



This is an example of using motif for a pattern. 



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