Crafting Joy! Make 3 Gorgeous Planner Dividers the Fast, Frugal and Fabulous Way

3/5/18: What I like about some classes I have enrolled in here at Skillshare is their series titles. Like I love Helen Bradley's Illustrator for Lunch / Photoshop for Lunch. What I heard on the training video, (I watched this video and I started watching Jake Bartlett's "Teacher Tip: Designing a Successful Skillshare Class) was also that repeat teachers or multiple classes are a good strategy. My first step I am thinking through a creative title and description for my class topic of creating 3 different planner dividers.

The Crafty Hour - Elevate Your Paper Stash to Make Planners Dividers You Love

Craft Break - 3 Fun, Fast and Frugal ways to Make Beautiful Planner Dividers

Craft Yourself - You Can Make Your Own Gorgeous Planner Dividers with Wrapping Paper

Get Creative! 3 Fun, Fast and Frugal Ways to Make Planner Dividers with Wrapping Paper

I'm conflicted because I thought short titles were best, but I wanted to include that it was a specific project and the specific material (I thought)


3/7/18 Outline completed, next step will be to make script and rewalk through creating the items. The outline process took me 2 hours to think through and write out.



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