Crafting Data-Based Personas, User Scenarios & Stories

Crafting Data-Based Personas, User Scenarios & Stories - student project

Class Description

In this class I'll walk you through my process and the benefits of creating user personas for your website or digital product. By the end, you'll have you crafted your own personas to help drive your business forward with a new focus. This will include:


What are user personas and why are they important to your business, gathering necessary data, affinity mapping, creating personas, prioritizing personas, validating them, and how to keep them alive!

In the class project you will create your very own data-based personas to use for your own business or the hypothetical one I give you. No prior experience is needed!


Project Description

In this project, you will create personas for your business based on your own research. If you don’t have a website, product, or service you are currently working on, feel free to make one up, it’s good practice! You can also comment in the gallery if you’d like me to provide you with a topic.

Use and fill in the attached persona template I’ve provided (or make your own!) and upload to the gallery when you are finished!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!