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Craftastix and Black and White

April 24, 2013

Well I got a wroug version of my craftastix logo done. :) now to play with it! :) hmmm...but the coral I have is showing as a fushia on this site and the turquoise is a neon green... i will have to play with it so colours can register properly on this site...

April 23, 2013

So I have been a bit busy but I finally got a hunk of time to work on my logos. Here is the first batch of the two bakeshop versions I was planning. 

I actually have two different groups/companies needing logo design for right now. One of them is my team that crafts and sells at markets at various shows across the city. The other is for a good friend of mine that has a bakeshop and we always collaborate on cakes together. I have sketched a few ideas so far. I am pretty certain with both logos the way I am going to take them but please give feedback or suggestions. 


p.s. Sorry about the prismacolours bleeding through. I wouldn't find my other sketchbook and this one had paper that was way too porous. >_<


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