Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Craft Beer Tasting Kit - student project

I have always been involved in crafty and artsy projects, and love to entertain at home.  I had never considered earning money off either hobby until 2012.  An aquiantance asked for my help creating a very large banner for her husband's outdoor birthday party.  As party of my inspiration search I stumbled across a site called "ETSY" and realized that there were people out there doing what I was doing and making money off of it!  And so my Etsy shop was born.

I ambitiously called it "Boston Paper Company" and focused on paper party decorations and supplies.  I soon found myself doing lots of children's birthday party decor, which was fun but also time intensive and repetitive.  Nearly every project was custom because of personalizing with names, etc.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit - image 1 - student project 

I started to wonder how I could incorporate more grown-up party supplies onto my site - the kind of parties that I would want to attend or throw for others!  Soon I was making blind wine tasting kits and traditional wine tasting kits.

Craft Beer Tasting Kit - image 2 - student project  

One day, a friend casually mentioned that she would love it if there were a tasting kit for beer.  The thought had never occured to me because my personal taste runs more toward wine.  After some investigation, I quickly discovered that there are already a lot of resources for those interested in wine, and not so many resources for beer lovers.  Shortly after I started offering a beer tasting kit, I was contacted by a specialty bottle shop about selling wholesale for retail!

While I'm very proud of my product, the packaging and product presentation on these early versions leaves a lot to be desired - and I'm not just talking about my product photography on Etsy (where I struggle to make the images look crisp and professional). 

Craft Beer Tasting Kit - image 3 - student project     Craft Beer Tasting Kit - image 4 - student project   Craft Beer Tasting Kit - image 5 - student project

My next step is to design sleek and fun packaging and move from a handmade product to an actual manufactured kit that can be sold widely to beer and wine shops across the country!


This craft beer tasting kit is designed to help you throw a fun dinner party or event where the focus is tasting and learning about beer!  Not mass-produced swill found at any corner store, but interesting and unique craft beers and microbrews.  The kit facilitates a tasting of up to 6 different varieties of beers for up to 12 guests.

But gathering different beers is not enough!  If you don’t rank the beers or talk about them, it isn't really a tasting party… it is just a party!  The kit comes with a helpful guide to preparing for your party, recommendations about pairing beer and food, 6 bottle tags to identify the tasting order of beers, 12 scoring cards and 12 pencils.

The kit will contain:

  • 1 beer/food pairing guide
  • 6 bottle tags
  • 12 scoring cards
  • 12 scoring pencils