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Craft Beer Logo Design: Design a Logo in 4 steps

Class Description

Craft beers deserve craft logos! brewing a beer is an all ecompassing process which includes, but is not limited to: agriculture, science, creativity, ingenuity, alot of inspiration, and even some good ole' dumb luck. Most of all, it requires following a process. Developing your logo will require you to acknowledge this hands on approach to produce a craft logo for a craft beer.


Craft Beer Logo Design

Project Description

I am going to be teaching a course on the process of developing a logo for a craft beer which will go through 4 Phases:

  1. Ideation
  • Use your imagination to create the name of your beer. You will need to explain why you chose that name as this helps add some character to your logo.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different styles of beer, and identify key terms of your particular beer. Check out this guide 
  1. Concepting
  • This is where you work out the voice/tone, the vibe; find the thing that gives your design the quirk it needs to be clever
  1. Roughs
  • Produce 2 different logo concepts with different layouts
  1. Finals
  • Submit the final logo chosen with a brief description about the name and why you chose that particular solution.
  • Digitally apply to some sort of ephemera (Shirt, brochure, cap, etc. Shirt mock up .PSD file will be provided.)

Here is the link for my video outline: 

Here is the link for my introduction video.

*Note: Photoshop is recommended to complete the final phase of this project, but hand rendered solutions will be accepted as well. 




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