Craft Beer Labeling: Ursa Major

Craft Beer Labeling: Ursa Major   - student project

I'm interested in the concept of beer labeling and packaging and would like to try a less traditional method of a "rectangular" sticker is applied on the bottle itself as well as the traditional carrier for a 4 pack of beer. It took me quite awhile to select a theme to my brew, but I think the idea of selecting a single constellation and having each beer itself represent a star in the formation (Or a section of the constellation, Head of the Bear - Arms of the Bear - The Backbone)



Product Name:

Ursa Major


Key phrases/words:


Vintage Star Maps





List of Possible Beers Types:

Milk Stout

Chocolate Mint Porter

Kava Ale

Oatmeal Stout

Smoky Ale



Company name:

(Unsure as of now)



Seattle, WA


Key Design Elements:

1. Beer Bottle Labels

2. Beer Cap Design

3. Carrying Case/Gift Box

4. (If necessary) Brewery Logo


The Product Story:

My products are actually stepping stones toward fueling a REAL dream myself and a few other friends hope to achieve: opening a bar and brewery. I may not actually use what I create, but I want to exercise my design skills around the idea of beer for the next 3 weeks.


Product Details:

The beer ingredients are extracted from local resources/stores

Constellation will reflect upon local culture. 

Enticing Beer carrier -- try to break the norm of a plain cardboard carrier. 

When all beers are together, they form Ursa Major (A Bear)

Individual beer is named after an invidiudal star that forms a part of the constellation 


Craft Beer Labeling: Ursa Major   - image 1 - student project

Craft Beer Labeling: Ursa Major   - image 2 - student project

Craft Beer Labeling: Ursa Major   - image 3 - student project

Craft Beer Labeling: Ursa Major   - image 4 - student project

Lindsay Balfour

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