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Cracking Down on Composition

I signed up for this class because I am bored with my shots and I want to improve.  I think I am stuck with flat images that are almost always landscape (years of blogging are to blame).  I would love it if you left feedback, I want to learn.

I can already see changes in my images so thanks for teaching this class!

Week 1 -

No. 1 - I tried to frame her with the office chair to the left as well as show more of a foreground (stool), mid-ground (her) and the background of the office space behind.

No. 2 - Framing again with the office chair but a different angle.  I tried to push her more to the right in the frame like the golden compass and use fore/mid/background again.

No. 3 - Framing on the right with our file cabinet and placing her in the mid-ground.  

No. 4 - I pushed her to the left, going for the golden compass.  Framing was missing on this one but I do have the shallow depth of field to help with putting the focus on her.

No. 5 - I don't think this photo quite works because I only have a foreground and background.  I do love the composition and her action but I don't know how I could have made this stronger.

No. 6 -  I used the rule of thirds as well as trying to include a fore/mid/background to showcase her many friends.


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